Motor and robotics

Motor & robotic

The motors and servo motors are the arms and the legs of your project. Thank to motors, you will be able to gives life in your assemblies, your project would will be capable to make tasks for you. With the servo motor, they will be placed at a given angular position, the stepper motor would only turns of a given angle upon electronic's order and DC motor (hobby motor) would be able to propel any plateform.

Devastator Robot Kit - Tank + Motor
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Devastator Tank - Mobile robot
Metal motor 45:1, 4 mm axis, 133 RPM
6V (2 to 7.5V)
0.13A to 2.3A
Charge : 3 Kg max
MAQUEEN for Micro:bit
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micro: Maqueen - Robotic plateform for learning
for Micro:bit
2 Wheel
Ultrasonic distance sensor
Forklift kit for Maqueen
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Maqueen Forklift
For Maqueen (>= 4.0)
For Maqueen PLUS
Metal servo
Aluminium alloy
Door lock solenoid
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A door / drawer solenoid lock
650 mA
Diaphragm pump
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Diaphragm pump
12V @ 0.5 Amp
1.6 L/min
Voltage range: 6-12V
Buggy robot pour Pico
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Pico based Mobile robotic plateform
2 Motors
Ultrasonic sensor
Line follower device (3 sensor)
Servo connectors