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OlinuXino A20 Micro

OlinuXino Micro is an OPEN-SOURCE & OPEN-HARDWARE ARM nano computer using DEBIAN Linux DEBIAN (or Android). OlinuXino Micro is still in the "Prototyping & Hobbyiste" area with a pin spacing of 2.54mm (so it takes more space). OlinuXino Micro is a good alternative board when you have to overcome the hardware limitation for your project.  A very good choice when you need more hardware,  OlinuXino Micro offers 100+ GPIOs, is Industrial Grade & Noise Immune designed and propelled by the over-powerful AllWinner processor. OlinuXino board have properly documented specs (freely available).

[T] - Carte OlinuXino - Micro - AllWinner A20
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Système embarqué Linux ARM - Nano Ordinateur mono carte - 1Go Ram - Ethernet 100Mb - CORTEX-A7 Dual Core - Allwinner A20 dual
RFID 13.56Mhz - USB module
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RFID reader (13.56Mhz, ISO15693 tags)
Keyboard interface
USB-Serial interface