Arduino boards & discovery kits

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This section contains Arduino boards from UNO to more advanced ones like MEGA. If you want to discover Arduino, one good option is to use an Arduino starter kit. Somes kit are really suited for newbies having no knowledge about electronic.
Try it... you will love it!

Arduino MKR WAN 1310 - M0 (SAMD21), LoRa
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256 Kb Flash + 2 Mb extern Flash
32 Kb SRAM
SAMD21 Cortex-M0 @ 48 Mhz
Logic 3.3V
LoRa support (uFl external antenna, NOT INCLUDED)
Gravity : Starter kit for Arduino compatible
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Gravity Arduino Starter Kit
Arduino Shield
Fast connection (Gravity)
DFRDuino Uno (Arduino compatible)
Battery pack
10 Gravity modules
Distance sensor
Micro servo