Arduino boards & discovery kits

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This section contains Arduino boards from UNO to more advanced ones like MEGA. If you want to discover Arduino, one good option is to use an Arduino starter kit. Somes kit are really suited for newbies having no knowledge about electronic.
Try it... you will love it!

Arduino Uno R4 WiFi (RA4M1 ARM Cortex M4 + ESP32-S3)
In Stock
Arduino UNO R4 + WiFi + LED Matrix
256 Kio Flash
32 Kio SRAM
8 Kio Data flash
Renesas RA4M1
LED Matrix 12x8
Prototyping and learning electronics (great for beginner)
Revision R4
Logic 5V
Arduino Nano Every
In Stock
48Kb of Flash
6Kb of SRAM
ATmega 4809 @ 20 MHz
EEProm: 256 bytes
Arduino Nano form Factor
Arduino Nano ESP32 - with header
In Stock
8Mio internal Flash
16 Mio external Flash
512Kio  SRAM
ESP32-S3 @ 240 MHz
Arduino Nano form Factor
3.3V Logic
Gravity : Starter kit for Arduino compatible
In Stock
Gravity Arduino Starter Kit
Arduino Shield
Fast connection (Gravity)
DFRDuino Uno (Arduino compatible)
Battery pack
10 Gravity modules
Distance sensor
Micro servo
Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi
In Stock
Arduino Giga R1 + WiFi
USB-C + USB-A Hôte
2 Mio Flash
1 Mio RAM
STM32H747XI - Dual Core Cortex M7 @ 480Mhz + M4 @ 240Mhz
Murata 1DX - Wifi + Bluetooth
Revision R1
Logic 3.3V