M5Stack (ESP)

M5Core & StickV (M5Stick) from M5Stack are products from a complete ecosystem based on ESP32. It offers a prototyping product and a hardware based solution. With M5Stack you have an IoT plateform with a exceptional finish while it is still affordable for the DIY makers. As M5Stack is based on ESP32 then the development can be conducted with Arduino IDE, MicroPython or UIFlow (code block like from M5Stack). 

At MCHobby, we did also selected the M5Stack because of its MicroPython support (we are MicroPython addicted).

M5Stack : Atom kit with Barcode / QRCode
In Stock
ESP32 ATOM development kit + BARCODE
M5Atom lite ESP32-Pico @ 240 Mhz
Flash 4MB, Ram 512K
Barcode 1D, 2D
Arduion, UIFlow
M5Stack : M5 GO IoT starter + 6 sensor
In Stock
M5Stack : M5Go Kit ESP32 (IoT dev)
ESP32 512 Kb SRAM, 16 Mb Flash
LCD 320x240
Speaker, Mic
BMM150 - 3 axis magnetometer
MPU6886 - 6 axis motion tracking
Lipo 500mAh
Lego Technics Compatible
6x M5Unit module
M5Stack core + PM2.5 Air Quality kit
In Stock
M5Stack Core + Air quality measurement unit
M5Stack CoreESP32 512 Kb SRAM, 4 Mb Flash
LCD 320x240

PM2.5 Smoke Sensor / Air Quality
SHT20 Temperature and humidity sensor
M5Stack : Lora module 868Mhz (EU)
In Stock
EU Lora Module for M5Stack
Ra-01H @ 868MHz (Ai-Thinker)
SPI Interface
Internal Antenna + IPEX connector
SKU: M029
M5Stack : bus module
In Stock
M5Stack Bus Module
200 holes prototyping
2x15 pins rigth angle connector
Module M024
M5Stack : PLC Industrial proto Board module
In Stock
M5Stack base for PLC kind prototyping
Din rail
RS485 to UART interface
I2C Grove port
Protyping area
HT.36 pluggable connector
aka K011-B