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This category contains categories suited for our young engineers. Tools and boards to interact with external world. Product like Micro:bit, Circuit Playground, Makey-Makey, etc to help experimenting electronics and creativity.


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  • MaKey-MaKey

    Did you ever want to play to Mario Bross with some play doh ? or play some piano with banana ? MaKey MaKey is the kit that allows such things... the experimentation kit of the 21 century. Thank to makey-makey, you can transform any object in sensitive detector (it its activated by simply touching it). Makey-Makey is a very simple inventor kit for beginners or experts wanting to create artworks, smart assembly and solution engineering... or everything in between all those domains.

  • Micro:bit

    Micro:Bit is a learning plateform for young engineering. Microbit is a great plateform for people wanting to put live in their objects or wanting to get introduced to programmation. Micro:bit is also great as an induction to electronics. The great thing about Micro:bit the programming languages ! Indeed, it can be programmed with the graphical MakeCode (from your web browser), Python Script (with MicroPyhton) and Javascript.

  • Circuit Playground

    Circuit Playground is a learning plaforme for young engineer and maker. It is like the Micro:bit but with other shape, sensors and features. The Circuit playground is suited for discovering and learning prototyping projects with a simple and easy to understand plateform. Circuit Playground can be programmed with MakeCode (as the Micro:Bit do), either with CircuitPython (a MicroPython flavor) or Javascript.

  • Bare Conductive

    Bare Conductive, is a conductive painting able to transport some power and electric signals. With Bare conductive, you can design basic electric wiring / circuit, create touch sensor or innovative user interface. Bare Conductive also propose some dedicated board, light and sound projects using the electric paint. The electic paint can be washed or covered with another layer of color paint.

  • Skill Badge

    Did you get new skiil, maybe did you discover the Linux system running on Raspberry-Pi or, maybe, did get some python programming skills... that's great and you should make poeple around you aware of it.
    Adafruit produce a series of "badge" around electronic, science and engineering.

    We are willing to add new badges on request... don't hesitate to shot us a e-mail.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items