Pompe Immersible 4-6V - Brushless
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Water pump - 5-12V DC- Brushless

Small water pump, 5-12V DC

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Move liquid from here to there with a water pump

Do you need to move small quantity of water? Create a custom fountain? Animate a water based project? Water your vegetables? Great, this pump probably could fulfill your needs.

Space-saving and easy to setup are the main characteristics of this pump. It will be an handy add-on to your aqua-hacker-drawer with the tubes, gutters and prototyping materials :-)

This pump works with a voltage between 5 & 12 DC volts. It is designed to be submerge in the water. The pump suck the water in the axe of the motor and expulse the water out from the radial output (up to 110cm as mentionned on the pump).

The pump use a brushless motor (si without collector and without brushes), this will limit wear of the motor and offer a better lifetime.

Technical details

  • Power supply: 5 to 12V DC
  • Consumption at 12V : 4.2W, 350mA
  • H Max : 350cm (maximum repulse height)
  • Q Max: 240L/H (maximum debit in liter per hour)
  • Designed to work with water only
  • Input & output diametre: 8mm
  • Can work inside water on on earth (not self priming)
  • Max temperature: 60°C
  • Weight: 80 gr