Relay modules

Relay module or relays board ready to use. Just wire them on your favourit microcontroler or nano-computer and you are ready to go.

Two relay module
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Control module with TWO relays ready to use    
4 relays modules
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Control module with FOUR relay + optocoupler ready to use for Arduino or Raspberry
[T] - Relais 250v (mini kit)
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Relais de puissance 250V/10A max + électronique de commande + Led
Bistable relay module (push-push)
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Bistable relay (push-push)
Power: 12V
Activated: with button OR wire contact
Relay: 250V AC 10A
30A relay module, Grove
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Relay module 5V 30A
Grove connector
Power: 5V
Digital interface (5V and 3.3V)
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8 relays module
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Control module with 8 relay + optocoupler, ready to use
Logic: 3.3 & 5V
Arduino & Raspberry-Pi