Step-by-step motor

Stepper motor

The stepper motors are usually used in printer/CNC/robotic applications! Such motor have a quantified rotation angle for each "rotation step" made by the motor. With stepper motor, you can precisely quantify the needed rotation angle. The most usual stepper motor have 200 steps per revolution (meaning 1.8° per step). Such motor are heavier, lower torque and required adequate electronic components to control them. The microcontroler will have to send the needed pulses (steps) to move the motor's shaft. The micro-stepping, widely knows nowadays thanks to 3D printer, would increase the motor's shaft positionning by simultaneous controlling the current in the motor's coils. Thanks to micro-stepping, it is possible to divide the 1.8° step by 4, 8, 16, 32 and even 64, 128 with high precision stepsticks.