MicroPython boards


MicroPython is a optimized version of Python 3 for embeded systems.
PyBoard, the MicroPython board is a small microcontroler board able to run MicroPython on bare metal. Thanks to MicroPython, you have a python operating system working on a board and you can use it to control many electronic project. Whoaw, too much!... I Love It!!!

WBUS DIP28 breakout for Pyboard-D
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WBUS breakout board
Access to 24 GPIOS and many bus available
LiIon Battery Charger (BQ2407) with pyboard feedback
1x TILE connector available
Humidity, Temperature, Light sensor for Pyboard-D
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TILE Environmental sensor board
Humidity + Temperature (HDC2080)
Ambiant Light Sensor (ALS) / lux meter (OPT3001)
TILE connector
i2C Interface
for WBUS DIP68 or WBUS DIP28
6x6 RGB LED Matrix for Pyboard-D
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TILE RGB LED matrix board
6 x 6 RGB LED
TILE connector
I2C interface (0xc4)
for WBUS DIP68 or WBUS DIP28
PYBD Butterfly for Pyboard-D, breakout of X-Y position
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KIT PYBD adaptateur board (Pyboard-D)
Breakout of positions X & Y
1x Connecteur UEXT (I2C+SPI+UART)
1x StemmaQT / Qwiic (I2C)
2x Groove (I2C, UART)
3.3v & GND rails
UART & I2C connectors
WBUS Socket - 40 pos. conn. - SMD
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WBUS connector for PYBoard-D:
SMD Socket
40 pins
Hirose Electric DF40C-40DS-0.4V
For extension board side
Pyboard to UNO-R3 adapter + Extra
Pinout adapter to use your Pyboard with UNO-R3 pinout
Pinout conversion to Arduino UNO R3 (for shields)
OLED 128x64 (I2C)
Mangnetic Buzzer
Lipo Charger (NiMh compatible)
Servo output (4x)
UEXT port
Rapido port (Stemma & Qwiic compatible)