PYBStick - Arduino / MicroPython MicroControler - Made In France


PYBStick is a microcontoler board Made In France by Garatronic. The PYBStick is propeled by a STM32 microcontroler. It can be programmed with Arduino IDE or with MicroPython (Python for Microcontoler). The PYBStick is a project made togheter by MCHobby & Garatronic to make the microcontroler programming available to the masse. Its price is very low and the documentation is quite good. It is a suited plateforme for learning electronic and programing. It is suited for maker, education and skilled user.

RP2040 PYBStick - 26 pins - MicroPython, C++
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Standard PYBStick 26, RP2040 microcontroler
MicroPython, C++
26 pins (PYBStick formfactor)
Flash 1 Mb
RAM 264 Ko
USB-A connector
Female connectors to be soldered.
prototyping board fro PYBStick
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Prototyping board for PYBStick
Prototyping Area
Power terminals
3x PYBStick breakouts
1x Raspberry GPIO (connector)
2x Grove (connector)
1x UEXT (connector)
Feather & UEXT to PYBStick interface board
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PYBStick interface for Adafruit's FeatherWing expansion
Feather port - for FeatherWings
PYBStick Port
UEXT connector (I2C+SPI+UART)
GaraCon connector (UART+2 GPIO)
UniPi Lite extension for Raspberry-Pi / MicroPython
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8 x relais 250V/5A
12 (+2) × digital input 5-24V DC
2 × analog input 0-10 V DC
1 × analog output 0-10 V DC
1 × 1-Wire connector (RJ45)
1 × I2C connector (RJ11)
1 × UART connector (RJ11)
1 × Real Time Clock (RTC)
1 x I2C breakout
1 x 12v output (200mA max)