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Small Push-Pull Solenoid


Small solenoid Push-Pull   

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Small 9-24V DC solenoid

Basically, a solenoid is an electromagnet: it is made using a large coil of copper wrapped around a frame with a metal cylinder flowing freely in the center of the coil. The metal cylinder is drawn to the center of the coil when it is energized. This allows the solenoid to pull ("pull" from one end) or to push ("push" from the other end). 

This solenoid is quite small with a long body of 30mm and a captive frame (which traps the axis) equipped with a spring. This means that the solenoid moves the axis when it is supplied with 24V and that the return spring returns the axis to its original place when there is no more tension. It is really very practical. Many cheap solenoids are only able to push or pull the axis and have no armature trapping the axis (and the axis falls off the solenoid). Cheap solenoid also do not have a return spring.

This solenoid even has fixing points, it is an excellent solenoid to do everything.

How to use

You will need a good power source to control this solenoid since a large amount of current is required to charge the electromagnet. Under 9V, the current will be about 100mA, so do not try to power it with a 9V battery! 

You will need a power transistor and a diode, as for relay mounting, but more powerful. See our tutorial for more information. .

Technical details

  • Operates under 24 DC (Can be used between 9 and 24 Volts DC, but the results at lower voltage are necessarily lower)
  • "Push/pull" type with 5.5mm axis ejection
  • Resistance of the coil (continuous): 100 ohms
  • Initial force of 5 Newton (24V DC)
  • Weight: 39 grams



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