heatsink and cooling for raspberry-pi


Some Raspberry-Pi models need to be actively or passively cooled to keep the SoC below 80°C. This avoids throttling phases which lower the CPU frequency so the SoC doesn't overheat. Find in this category the appropriate heatsink, fans and active-coolers for your Raspberry-Pi.

Silent fan cooler for Raspberry-Pi
In Stock
Fan for Raspberry-Pi
MK2 revision (01/2021) - GPIO non accessible
Silent... for real!
Low consumption
Low profile
PWM driven (if needed)
Grove connection points
FAN for the Raspberry-Pi 4 case
In Stock
Fan for the Raspberry Pi-4 case
For the official Pi 4 cases
Wired on the GPIO
Activated via GPIO (can be PWM)
Pi 4 Case Fan