Sensor, prototyping, components

Sensor & prototyping

Sensors are like eyes for your projects. Thoses components allows your project (so your microcontroler or Arduino) to sense the world around it. So it can detect the light, the rain, the door (open/close), noise, etc. This section containing lots of items so LEDs, Motors, Robotic stuff and electronic are stored in separated categories.

Piezo buzzer
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Piezoelectric buzzer, ideal to produce tones, beep and alert songs
Gravity : 9 sensors kit
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9 Gravity sensors
Fast connection (Gravity)
3 Analog modules
6 Digital modules
2.2" color TFT - microSD - SPI - EYESPI breakout
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Color TFT breakout
Diagonal: 2.2"
Coulor: 18 bits (262144 shades)
Connector: microSD
bus: SPI
Ready 3.3 / 5V
Driver: ILI9341/ILI9340 or compatible
Breakout EYESPI connector
Large Piezo element
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A large piezo element, great to produce tone, beep and alerts
Half-Size Breadboard
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Half-size Breadboard of 400 points. Identical to the one proposed in the ARDX kit.
Wind direction – RS485
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Wind Direction device
High quality, High Accuracy
Professionnal measurement instrument
16 Natural azimuth Wind directions (22.5° each)
RS485 interface
7 - 24V