Sensor & prototyping


Sensors are like eyes for your projects. Thoses components allows your project (so your microcontroler or Arduino) to sense the world around it. So it can detect the light, the rain, the door (open/close), noise, etc. This section containing lots of items so LEDs, Motors, Robotic stuff and electronic are stored in separated categories.


Sensor & prototyping There are 5 products.


  • Wire & prototyping

    The maker's toolkit, prototyping wires, breadboard, des plaques sans contact, the essential items to breathe life in your projects.

  • Touch, Flex, Pot, SoftPad

    Buttons are use to warn software about user interaction, the touch interface product line contains many other kind of human-machine interfaces. Some advanced sensors allows your software to be sensitive to other physical phenomena like twist, pressure, soft potentiometer (touch pot.) would embellish the standards sensors like keyboard or pedal.

  • Switch & button

    The buttons are essentials components in electronic projects. They are useful to inform your project of an external event. This product line contains micro-switchs, tact button, arcade buttons, with or without LEDs. A complète product line for any kind of amateur or professional work.

  • Environnemental...

    Capture environmental data like pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. All those data that defines the air quality.

  • Temperature

    Need to read the temperature? in a room or an oven ? Maybe did you want to use the industrial PT100 / PT1000 or thermocouple sensor? Don't look further, you are at the right place! This section will contains sensors and board designed to read the temperature in many situation...

  • Movement

    Want to detect a movement? vibration? direction? Some movements sensors can help you to more about the way the projects move in the space. More sophisticated sensors (accelerometers, compas, Inertial units) would gives precise information where more rudimentary sensors (Tilt Ball, vibration sensors) would only detect the movement but not its amplitude.

  • Distance & proximity

    Need to measure the distance to an object? Or the presence of an object? Or to avoids an obstacle? Great, you will find the appropriate sensor in this secton. Infrared sensor (medium accuracy), ultrasonic sensors (quite more accurate) and laser sensor will help you in this task. Even the digital Hall effect and magnet can help to detect the presence (or miss) of a object at the right position.

  • Displays, LCD, TFT, OLED

    When you projet need to communicate with the external world, the first choice is LED. However, communicate with LEDs also have limits.
    The LCD, OLED, TFT displays or segments display would allows your project to offer richer information to the user. This is the kind devices displaying digits data, text data and ever graphs and images! This is the peripherals that you will find in this section.

  • Printer & Camera

    Thermal printer and low resolution camera - Arduino compatible or for your Raspberry. Devices to print text, graphics, bitmap, QRCode, Barcode, EAN with ease through the serial port of your microcontroler or your nano computer.

  • UEXT

    UEXT is a 10 pin IDC connector carrying I2C bus + SPI bus + Serial bus and 3.3V power supply.  UEXT board and extension board are very easy to wire and to use. As they are using standard buses, they are very efficient for prototyping and super easy to wire.

  • GRAVITY / Boson

    GROVE is the Seeedstudio ecosystem based on proprietary 4 pins connector. The connector ship power, ground and two signals. The kind of signals depends on the connector's color. White: digital, analog signal. Red: I2C bus. Blue: UART (serial port)

  • Various sensors

    The electronic shovel mixes category. Here you will find lots of sensors that we can't store in other categories like  infrared sensor, piezo or everything else you will need for you electronic assembly.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items