Internet Of Things

Welcom in the "Internet Of Things" a world where the objects are smart and able to communicate with the world. A connected object can be reached from anywhere in the world if -at least- he have an Internet connexion. Such kind of object can be controled from your apps, the could, your computer or your SmartPhone. You will be able to question the objects and even to transform it in actor (to act on the wolrd).
This product line will help you to find the product to discover the world of IoT.


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    Wemos D1 or LOLIN D32 from is an IoT development board based on the ESP8266 or ESP32. The board can be programmed with Wiring (Arduino), Lua Script and MicroPython.  Mainly used in the Internet of Object (IoT) area, this board can be programmed with Arduino IDE or other tools like ESPlorer, RShell or Ampy.

  • Spark.IO

    The Photon or the Core are very small development board for IoT development. Thoses board will helps to create IoT devices and hardwares. The "Core" and the "Photon" does have all the necessary things to start a project; power it up by connecting it to USB and control your first LED in 5 minutes! You will also be able to collect sensor data via the Net! Whoaw!!!

  • ESP8266 - module WiFi...

    ESP8266 (or ESP32) is a WiFi microcontroler that can be programmed with Arduino IDE, Lua Script, MicroPython or with C. The ESP32 is an over powerful microcontroler also offering Bluetooth connectivity. This category contains many ESP8266 and ESP32 products.

  • WiPy, LoPy - IoT en...

    WiPy, Lopy are development plateform for "Internet of Things" which works with MicroPython. The hardware use powerful microcontroler to add advanced capabilities like WiFi, Bluetooth, Lora, Mobile. MicroPython is a Python langage adapted for microcontroler. WiPy & LoPy are based on ESP32 plateform.