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Arduino is an Open-Source electronic prototyping plateforme with a large community, a lot of documentation and many many samples. The Arduino plateform is a simple board with input / output pins that can be used to create autonomous projects -or- projects connected to a computer and interacting with the world. Arduino IDE is a graphical development environment running on Windows, Mac and Linux. Arduino is addapted for any skill level.
Arduino is a great plateform to experiment and discover microcontroler programming or quickly create small projects.

Arduino Uno R4 WiFi (RA4M1 ARM Cortex M4 + ESP32-S3)
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Arduino UNO R4 + WiFi + LED Matrix
256 Kio Flash
32 Kio SRAM
8 Kio Data flash
Renesas RA4M1
LED Matrix 12x8
Prototyping and learning electronics (great for beginner)
Revision R4
Logic 5V
Half-Size Breadboard
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Half-size Breadboard of 400 points. Identical to the one proposed in the ARDX kit.
[T] - Stacking Header for Arduino R3
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Assortment of STACKABLE Headers for Arduino. Allows you to transform a standard shield into a stackable shield. For Arduino/Shield in revision R3.
[T] - NeoPixel Shield pour Arduino
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Matrice 5x8 de Neo Pixel RGB, super brillante, sur un shield Arduino, Chainable
Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi
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Arduino Giga R1 + WiFi
USB-C + USB-A Hôte
2 Mio Flash
1 Mio RAM
STM32H747XI - Dual Core Cortex M7 @ 480Mhz + M4 @ 240Mhz
Murata 1DX - Wifi + Bluetooth
Revision R1
Logic 3.3V