Diaphragm pump
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Diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pump

  • 12V @ 0.5 Amp
  • 6W
  • 1.6 L/min
  • Voltage range: 6-12V
  • R385
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Diaphagm pump - no contact with liquid

This diaphragm DC pump is also know as R385 and can be used to dispense liquid/tea/water. 

This product has been modified to offer better performance, longer worklive (up to 2000 Hours) and gets brackets. This product will be really usefull to creates experimentation projects, watering, water-cooler, etc.

Membrane pump principle

The interest of diaphram pump is that mechanical parts are never in contact with the liquid. The daphragm pump works a bit like heart.
The following picture shows one of the principle used for Membrane Pump. They are all working similary way.

Diaphram Pump - Pompe à diaphargme

As you can see, a single valve offer with result into a pulsing debit.
Using several valves around a central motor will make them working each one after the other making the debit more "smooth".

Technical details

  • Pump Size: 90 x 40 mm x 35 mm
  • Outlet diameter: inner diameter 6 mm, Outer diameter 8.5 mm
  • Working voltage: 12V @ 0.5 Amp (Power: 6W)
  • Debit:1.6 L/min (+/-0.1 L/min)
  • Direction: both, just revese polarity on the motor
  • Suction lift: 3 meters max
  • Head: Vertical up to 3 meters
  • Work life: up to 2500 hours
  • Liquid temperature: up to 80 °C