Motor and robotics

Motor & robotic

The motors and servo motors are the arms and the legs of your project. Thank to motors, you will be able to gives life in your assemblies, your project would will be capable to make tasks for you. With the servo motor, they will be placed at a given angular position, the stepper motor would only turns of a given angle upon electronic's order and DC motor (hobby motor) would be able to propel any plateform.

12V Fan 50x50mm
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50x50x10mm Fan
75mA @ 12V
18.68 m³/h
4700 rpm
25.6 dBa @ 1m
Needle bearing
Sunon EE50101S2-1000U-999
12V Fan 80x80mm
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80x80x25mm Fan
Voltage 9V to 12V
70mA @ 12V
56 m³/h
2600 rpm
28 dBa @ 1m
Needle bearing
Sunon EF80251S3-1000U-A99
2 Wheel robot kit
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2 Wheel robot kit - ultra-light platform - motors included   
4 mecanum wheel kit, 80mm
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4 wheels Mecanum kit - Omnidirectional robot.
2x right wheels
2x left wheels
6V Air Valve
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6V Air Valve
2 Pins JST PH connector
1 common port
2 ways
A4988 Stepper motor controler
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Step-by-step motor controller A4988 - micro-step
Motor voltage: 8 à 32V
Motor current: 1.2A (2.3A in peak)
Micro-stepper: 1/16 of step max.
Current limiter
Logic: 3.3 et 5V
Adafruit CRICKIT for Feather
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Crickit - Creative Robotics & Interactive Construction Kit
for all the les Feather
MakeCode, Arduino, CircuitPython
interface I2C
4x Servo Motor controler -OR- Analog
2x DC motor controler (PWM)
4x Power output (relay, solenoid, etc)
4x Capacitive input
8x digital I/O (or analog input)
1x NeoPixel LED controler
1x Audio amplifier (selectable pin)
Adafruit CRICKIT for micro:bit
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Crickit - Creative Robotics & Interactive Construction Kit
for Micro:bit
MakeCode and Arduino support
4x Servo Motor driver -OR- Analog output (PWM)
2x DC motor driver (with PWM control)
4x high curent output (relay, solenoid, etc)
4x capacitive touch entry
8x digital I/O (or analog inputs)
1x LED NeoPixels 5V driver (wired on pin #16)
1x Amplified Audio output (wired on pin #1)