In this category, you will find all the needed material to create an electronic based project. Useful components to create power circuits or finalise sensor assembly.


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  • Transistor

    You cannot avoids them in electronic! Transistor offers many help when you need to power anything bigger than a LED. Transistor are helful to swich higher power, higher current or higher voltage source to a load. Some of them are specialized for commutate power, other to amplifies signal and some to work at high frequency. Sometime transistors are bit difficult or obscur to handle but they can really handle strong power.

  • Circuits Intégrés

    Intagrated Circuits are advanced components that can be used to control motors, LED matrix, external GPIOs and many-many more. Depending on the selected IC, suited for your use-case, it will offer the specialized service (for which he is designed) for a very cheap cost. Notice that some IC are sometime more difficult to use "as it", so they are proposed as breakout boards (see our Breakout category for more information).

  • Mini kits

    The mini-kits are small components sets designed to make an assembly accordingly to the schematic (or a tutorial of our Wiki). As said by their name, the Mini-Kit, will contains all the needed component to make the assembly either on a prototyping board, either on a Perfoboard.

  • Resistor

    Resistor are the main component of electronic circuit but are more and more difficult to find. The resistors are used to create voltage divider, current limiter and even to transform a current into a voltage (easier to read). Here is an assortment of 1/3W resistor (as much as we can) because they are a bit bigger and quite easier to manipulate than 1/4W's ones.

  • Potentiometer


  • Capacité

    The capacitors, friendly named capa or cap, are energy storage components. You can store power into capa as you will store water in water reservoir then consuming this energy when needed. Without surprise, you will find Capacitor in motor based assemblies, wave transmission systems and power regulation. The capacitor also have this nice feature of stopping DC current while allowing alternative signals to flow through. So, we also find capacitor into audio circuitery and as filtering tool (since parasitic and spikes are alternative signals with a very very very high frequency... infinie frequency). As you may guess, impossible to create electronic project without CAPs.

  • Diodes

    Diodes are used to allow the current to flow only in one way. They are used to straighten the current, create a fly back diode, etc.

  • Connectors & Headers

    Many kind of connectors, male, female, pinHeader, terminal, etc. So many ways to offer the right connection to your devices.

  • Crimp connector

    Grimp connector... the essential to create your own connectors.

  • Relay modules

    Relay module or relays board ready to use. Just wire them on your favourit microcontroler or nano-computer and you are ready to go.

  • Various

    This section contains various electronic components that have not been classified into other categories. So you may find interesting stuff in thsi category.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 45 items