Wire & cables

Essential to ship electron from one place to another in your project. The prototyping wires are used with breadboard while multicore and unicore wire would be suited for final assemblies. The wire pack will give you an interesting starter pack for a wide variety of prototyping activities.


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  • Wire & prototyping wires

    Just need wires for final connexion OR prototyping wires? Great, you are at the right place to choose a wiring product :-)

  • USB Cables & connector

    Need for an USB cable? Please have a look to this assortment to find the best product.

  • HDMI, Video, Audio cable

    A collection of HDMI cable and video cable to connect your project to a tv or a monitor. The last component to give lives to your embedeed, nano-computer or media center project.

  • AC Cable

    Power cord cable and connectors for AC power distribution network

  • Banana cables &...

    Banana cables & banana plug are largely used in laboratory, quick assembly or experimentation modules.

  • BNC cable & connectors

    BNC cables & connectors

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Showing 1 - 21 of 31 items
Showing 1 - 21 of 31 items