Microcontroler boards

Microcontroller board

There are many microncontroller boards et microcontroller are quire populars since Arduino. Many of our microcontoller boards are Arduino compatible, ESP32, Pico, etc. They can be programmed with C/C++, MicroPython, CodeBloc, etc.
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PYBStick 26 ESP32 C3 - MicroPython - USB A
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PYBStick 26, ESP32-C3
MicroPython Ready
26 pins / 13 GPIOs
ESP32-C3 (Risc-V, 1 core)
160 MHz
4 Mio Flash
400 Kio RAM
3.3V Logic
Robotic controler for Raspberry-Pi
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Robotic HAT Raspberry - OR - Standalone Robotics Platform 
A-Star 32U4 LV Robot Controller with Raspberry-Pi Bridge
programmable module
motor controler for robotic project