Media, SD card or hard disk for storing the Raspberry-Pi operating system

OS and SD Card

Media used to hold Raspberry-Pi operating system. This can be a SD Card, a SSD, USB drive or M.2 SSD.

SSD 128Go - M.2 NVMe 2242 B+M - for Raspberry-Pi
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M2 SSD disk for Raspberry-Pi
Type: NVMe SSD
Size: 2242
M Key: M.2 (B+M for the 128 Go)
Preloaded with Raspberry-Pi OS 64 bit- Raspberry Pi 5- Raspberry-Pi 4 Model B- Compute Module 4 (CM4)
Other Ref: Marker Disk
64 Go microSD card - Panasonic
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Carte de 64 GB card
pre-formatted with noobs
can be reformatted for your own needs
Approved by Raspberry-Pi Foundation
Noobs Operating System
Raspberry Pi 4, Pi 3, Pi 3 B+
Panasonic Class 10 U1