Micro:Bit is a learning plateform for young engineering. Microbit is a great plateform for people wanting to put live in their objects or wanting to get introduced to programmation. Micro:bit is also great as an induction to electronics. The great thing about Micro:bit the programming languages ! Indeed, it can be programmed with the graphical MakeCode (from your web browser), Python Script (with MicroPyhton) and Javascript.

Micro:bit v2.2 - Starter Kit
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Micro:bit V2 - Starter kit
1x Micro:bit V2.2
1x USB cable
1x Battery bloc
2x AAA batteries
Adafruit CLUE Express - nRF52840, Bluetooth LE
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Adafruit CLUE - Cortex M4
Nordic nRF52840 - @ 64 Mhz
1Mb Flash, 256 KB RAM
TFT 240 x 240
2MB Flash storage
Sensors (LSM6DS33, LIS3MDL, APDS9960, microphone, sht, BMP280)
Arduino / CircuitPython only
Maqueen PLUS V2 for Micro:bit
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Maqueen Plus V2 - Advanced educational robot
4 Batteries Ni-MH
Line tracker plus
More speed, encoder
IR Rec, buzzer
Battery indicator
Forklift kit for Maqueen
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Maqueen Forklift
For Maqueen (>= 4.0)
For Maqueen PLUS
Metal servo
Aluminium alloy
Adafruit CRICKIT for micro:bit
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Crickit - Creative Robotics & Interactive Construction Kit
for Micro:bit
MakeCode and Arduino support
4x Servo Motor driver -OR- Analog output (PWM)
2x DC motor driver (with PWM control)
4x high curent output (relay, solenoid, etc)
4x capacitive touch entry
8x digital I/O (or analog inputs)
1x LED NeoPixels 5V driver (wired on pin #16)
1x Amplified Audio output (wired on pin #1)