Batteries, wall adapter, Lipo charger, battery pack, assemblies.... Short, anything that could be able to give power to your project or your prototype.


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  • Power Supply

    The power switch unit (PSU) are used to transform the public network AC voltage to a suited and regulated DC voltage for your electronic projects.

  • Battery pack

    The battery pack is the easiest way to power up an electronic project. They usually provides lot of power and are more suited for motorized or long-life project. Such power block can be combined togheter to increase total power or total voltage. Battery pack can also be used with voltage regulator to generate the suited logic level voltage for your microcontroler or board.

  • Lipo & regulator

    Lipo,Lipoly,Lion accumulators... they are used to accumulates a lot of power in a very small volume. Those accumulators are used with special circuitery to regulate the output voltage (or recharge the accumulator). This category contains all the suited products related to Lipo/Lipoly/Ion batteries. You can also use a some step-up/step-down regulator to produce the suited output voltage for your application.

  • Regulator

    Voltage regulator are used to transform a source voltage to another voltage (higher or lower). Such regulators are really needed when your project becomes bigger. With switching regulator, you can exploit the battery power until the last milliwatt and offert the longuest life to your lipo battery and/or your battery pack. DC/DC regulator offers high efficiency, so they do not heat a lot which spare the battery's energy.

    This category is certainly one of the most interesting category on the WebShop.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items