Voltage regulator


Voltage regulator are used to transform a source voltage to another voltage (higher or lower). Such regulators are really needed when your project becomes bigger. With switching regulator, you can exploit the battery power until the last milliwatt and offert the longuest life to your lipo battery and/or your battery pack. DC/DC regulator offers high efficiency, so they do not heat a lot which spare the battery's energy.

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Chargeur LiIon/LiPo charger v1.2
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Advanced Lilon/Lipo charger - configurable charge, USB source, external source, charge during use.
5V 5A regulator, Step-up, U3V50F5
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U3V50F5 DC-DC converter, 5V 5A max, Step-Up
Output voltage: 5V
Input voltage: from 2.9V
Input current: 5A max