2.2" color TFT  2.2" - SPI - Breakout
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2.2" color TFT 2.2" - SPI - Breakout (ILI9341 / MSP2202)

2.2" TFT display Breakout

  • 240x320 pixels
  • 16 bits colors
  • SPI Interface
  • ILI9341 driver
  • MicroPython ready!
  • Ref: MSP2202
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Display breakout with 320 x 240 pixels and 16 bits color (ILI9341)

This 2.2-inch LCD module with a resolution of 240X320. It only requires 5 IOs to lighten the display, or a direct hardware serial peripheral interface that can be driven. LCD color screen display has SMT reflow and industrial control quality, which can work stably for a long time.

We have successfully tested this display under MicroPython (see tutorial section) with the ILI9341 driver. This should also works pretty well on Arduino as the ILI9341 driver is very common.

Technical details

  • 2.2-inch color screen,
  • 16 bits color, 65K color
  • 320X240 resolution, clear display
  • SPI serial bus (requires only 4 IOs)
  • SD card slot (requires 1 additional IOs)
  • Underlaying ILI9341 driver
  • Active Area: 33.8 x 45.1 mm
  • PCB Size: 40.1 * 67.2 mm
  • VCC Voltage: 3.3 - 5V
  • Logic : 3.3V (TTL)
  • Weight: 22 gr

Connector Description

Number Name Description
1 VCC Power input (5V / 3.3V)
2 GND Ground
3 CS LCD Chip Select (Enabled @ LOW)
4 Reset LCD Reset signal (Enabled @ LOW)
5 DC/RS LCD Data/Command signal (Data @ LOW)
6 SDI/MOSI SPI bus write data signal
7 SCK SPI bus clock
8 LED Backlight control (3.3V to light up)
9 SDO/MISO SPI bus read data signal
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