Pompe Péristaltique 5V-6V
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Peristaltic Pump 5V-6V + Tube silicone

Peristaltic pump

  • self-priming
  • 39ml / min
  • 5V-6V
  • Tube: 2.0 x 4.0 mm
  • Tube: silicone
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A 5 - 6V peristaltic pump with silicone tube

Need to move some fluide safely from one container to one other? maybe in the two ways? Great, here is a LOW VOLTAGE peristatic pump working with a DC Current from 5V to 6V.

In a peristaltic pump type, a silicon tube is squish inside de pump. The liquid is inside the pump and pushed to the other side thank to the rotating roller powered by the motor. In a peristaltic pump, the fluid is never in contact with pump parts so it makes this an excellent choice for any sterile pumping application (eg: for food, drink, sterile water, etc). A great product to create a drink-bots or gardening robots!

The pump is a 'clover' pattern of rollers. As the motor turns, the clover presses on the tube to press the fluid though one direction. Changing to motor rotation and the fluid does move on the other way. Peristaltic pumps are also self-prime itself with water (up to an half meter with ease).

To control the flow speed, the motor can be controled with PWM to slow down the flow rate. The motor can be controled with a power transistor (basic on/off) or with a motor chip controler like the L293D (on/off, PWM for speed and flow direction).

We also have a 12V peristaltic pump here.

Not sterile tube

The pump comes with a bit of silicone tubing already installed in the pump. That tube is not sterile and may be dirty ont it way to you. The tube must be sterilized before usage and is not rated for medical, food usage. It is only a silicone tube for general purpose. If you want to do food hacking project, you will have to purchase Food Compliant silicone tubes.

Technical details

  • 5W @ 6V DC
  • Tube: 2.0 x 4.0mm (silicone)
  • Flow rate: 39ml / min
  • Sound level: < 40 dB
  • self priming
  • Size: 65 x 40mm
  • Weight: 95 gr


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