Pompe Peristaltique + Tube Silicone
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12V Peristaltic pump + Silicon tubing

Peristaltic pump

  • self-bootable
  • 100 ml / min
  • 12 Volts
  • Tube: (4.7mm external diameter)
  • Tube: silicon
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New: silicone tube is finally available for the pump

A 12V peristaltic  pompe to move fluides from here to there

Here is a 12v pump different from its congeners. In addition to being small, it is a peristaltic pump pre-equipped with a silicon tube. 

A peristaltic pump presses a silicon tube containing the liquid to set it in motion. This pump doesn't aspire directly liquid like traditional pumps. The advantage? The pump never comes into contact with the fluid... making it an excellent choice for food/drink/sterile pumping projects. This pump makes it possible to realize drink automatons or garden watering robots!  

The pump is driven by a continuous motor, so it has a lot of torque. The pump is equipped with a driving mechanism using pebbles organized in clover. When the motor is running, the clover presses the tube to push the liquid in the tube. The pump doesn't need to be primed and can easily be primed with water half a meter upstream.   

You can control the speed of the motor in PWM to increase or decrease the flow of the liquid... if the electrical connections are reversed, the pump moves the liquid in the other direction. 

Works flawlessly when driven with power transistor (like this one) for an all or nothing control OR with a H-Bridge such as a L293D.

We also have a 5V peristaltic pump available on the shop.


The pump is delivered with a piece of installed silicon tube and two 1/2 meter pieces attached to corrugated fittings. However, the silicon tube isn't sterile and could be dusted by transport. The tube must be sterilized before use!  

Attention: the tubes included don't comply with FDA or USDA regulations, as such, this pump can only be suitable for testing.  
If you wish to carry out projects of "food" type, you must buy tubes that comply with the regulations in force in this area (for example you can inquire with McMaster-Carr part #3184K8, FDA conform, they are available by the meter)! 

Technical details

  • Use tubes with an outer diameter of 3/16" (4.7mm) in silicone.
  • Operating temperature: 0℃ - 40 ℃
  • Voltage of the motor: 12V continuous (DC)
  • Current of the motor: 300mA
  • Flow rate:up to 100 mL/min
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Dimensions: 27mm for the motor diameter, 62mm total length
  • Mounting hole: 3mm in diameter, 50mm center to center distance.


Data sheet
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