Environmental (Pressuez, temperature, Humidity, Gas)

Environnemental (Press. Temp. Hum. Gas)

Capture environmental data like pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. All those data that defines the air quality.

Anemometer - Analog output
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Analog anemometer kit
range: 0-30 m/s (start wind at 0.4-0.8m/s)
resolution: 0.1m/s
Output signal: 0-5.0V
Input Voltage: 12-24V
Wind direction – RS485
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Wind Direction device
High quality, High Accuracy
Professionnal measurement instrument
16 Natural azimuth Wind directions (22.5° each)
RS485 interface
7 - 24V
SHT31-F : Humidity and temperature sensor
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Humitidy and temperature sensor
2.15 to 5V
I2C interface
IP67 (dust prove)
%RH: 0 to 100 @ +/-2%
Temp: 0 to 90°C @ +/- 0.2°
SHT31-F : best precision and dust prove (IP67)
MPL115A2, pressure and temperature sensor, I2C
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Athmospheric Pressure sensor using MEM's technology
Pressure 50 kPa~115 kPa (sensitivity 0.05 kPa)
Altitude 0.3m (corresponding to 0.05 kPa)
I2C Interface
Gravity : VEML6075 UV sensor, I2C
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Ultraviolet Sensor, Gravity Interface
VEML6075 sensor
UVA (350 à 375nm)
UVB (315 à 340nm)
UV-I (UltraViolet Index) in visible light
3.3 to 5V
I2C interface
pH measurement PRO kit, Gravity, analog
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pH meter kit
PRO - Industrial Probe (v2)
Power: 3.3 to 5V
Output: Analog 0 to 3.4V
Detection range: 0 - 14
Accuracy: +/-0.1 @ 25°C