Intagrated Circuits

Circuits Intégrés

Intagrated Circuits are advanced components that can be used to control motors, LED matrix, external GPIOs and many-many more. Depending on the selected IC, suited for your use-case, it will offer the specialized service (for which he is designed) for a very cheap cost. Notice that some IC are sometime more difficult to use "as it", so they are proposed as breakout boards (see our Breakout category for more information).

L293D - Double H-Bridge 600mA
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Integrated circuit L293D Double H-Bridge to control two motors in both directions (600mA)
MCP23017 - Add 16 I/O - I2C GPIO Expander
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Add 16 inputs/outputs on your Arduino and Pi Projects by using only 2 pins thanks to I2C.
SFH620A optocoupler
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1 channel optocoupler, transistor output
Max current: 60mA
Channel: 1
Isolation 5.3 kV
DS2406+ - 1x GPIO OneWire + EEPROM
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DS2406+ : GPIO + 128 Bytes EEPROM
1x Input or Output
128 Bytes EEPROM (1024 bits)
One-Wire Interface
Fully compatible DS2407