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The Raspberry Pi 4 is a revolution in the nano-computer worldwith a 4 cores processor, USB 3 ports, 2 HDMI output, 4K support and a True Ethernet Gigabit. La possibility to have a Raspberry-Pi board with 1, 2 or 4 Go of RAM. The Pi 4 can now replace the desk computer since it is now get powerfull enough for that. The Pi 4 is a powerful computer for DIY application, Maker workshop and school learning. The Pi is already an awesome tool for learning informatic sciences and technology discovery and learning. The Pi 4 have a broadcom ARM processor, a WiFi 802.11n & Bluetooth 5.0 on board. The design still not includes an hard-drive / SSD (the board use a microSD to store Operating System and files) but you can still connect an Hard-drive on USB 3. Raspberry Pi® and its logo are a trademark of the Raspberry-Pi foundation. More information on raspberrypi.org and on wikipedia ( fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi ).


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  • Pi Camera

    The Pi Camera (alias PiCam) is a camera module for the Raspberry-Pi. With this module, you can capture high-definition image or recording videos. With its 8 MegaPixels résolution (or 5 MegaPixel depending on the camera model), you can drive the PiCam with python script, shell command or C code. The Pi Camera is a wonderful add-on for your Raspberry-Pi.

  • Raspberry-Pi 4 Kits

    Raspberry-P 4i kits. Pack and kits made to discover various activities with the Raspberry Pi 4. Music, MediaCenter, Electronic Hacking, basic kit, etc .... You will find what you need for in this category.

  • Raspberry Pi 4 case

    Having a Raspberry-Pi 4 is really cool but having a nice case for the Pi-4 is even better. With it, it would show nicely on your desk and offering great way to protect him. The new Pi 4 have small change in the form factor because there is new connectors (and some connectors changes) on the Raspberry-Pi. This category will offer a choice of appropriate cases.

  • Ecrans TFT, LCD pour...

    Want to add a screen to your brand new Raspberry-Pi 4 ? Great, you are in the right category! The official Raspberry-Pi screen is still compatible with the Pi 4 but we also offer an interesting product range with small and wide screen, with or without touch screen. Everything needed to create an autonomous station, interactive or portable solution. Create nice interface for an extraordinary plateforme.

  • Sound cards

    All the audio expansion for Raspberry-Pi & Pi ZERO together with the corresponding case

  • HATs

    The HATs are the extension boards for the Raspberry-Pi 3 (and following) and Raspberry Pi A or Pi Zero (and following).
    The HATS does follows formfactor and technical specifications, so you can be ensured of the compatibility electrical and space required for the extension board. There are many extension compatible with the Raspberry-Pi and many of them are compatible with the HAT specification.

  • Not HATs

    Expansion board for Raspberry Pi & Pi Zero. Compatible with the Nano computer, we cannot named them HATs because such extension does not follows the HAT specification and form factor. By the way, those extensions are working properly with the Pi and are great in theur purposes.

  • Goodies
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Showing 1 - 21 of 54 items