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Want to do light painting ? Using smart LEDs, gives a small light punch to your project? Great, you are at the right place ! This category gather all the products able to produce light in any way. NeoPixels are well knowns by the Makers, those autonomous smart LEDs can indefinitively produce the color selected by software. The dotstart LEDS are more suited for Light Painting (like a NeoPixels but faster), the LEDs are used as comon user interface and the ELWire will be your best frein to produce magnificent lighting effect.


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  • LEDs & LEDs displays

    LEDs are diode that emit light when a current flow through it. It is a very affordable and useful tool allowing your project to communicate with the external world or to glow in the dark. LEDs exists in many variants and size.

  • NeoPixels & Dotstar

    The NeoPixels and DotStars are smart LEDs and the only one capable to produce an colorful explosion of light. Each pixel can be set individually. With NeoPixel, only one pin is required on the MicroControleur (Arduino, Trinket, Trinket Pro, Flora, MicroPython) to control all the LEDs et build a 24 bits color panel for every LED. The DotStars is an evolution of NeoPixel technology using a SPI bus based to controle the LEDs with hardware SPI or BitBang SPI (software emulated SPI). DotStar are really convenient to create Persistance of Vision (POV) animation.

  • ELWire

    ELWire also commonly named Electrouminescent wire are special wire producing light when a voltage is applied to it. As it is flexible, you can adapt it to fit various shapre. As it is an electrical component, you can cut the wire and solder it to the next section (see the tutorials in the various product sheet.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item