High Temperature Polyimide Tape - 10mm wide - 33mm length
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DDDD High Temperature Polyimide Tape - 10mm wide - 33mm length - Kapton

Polyimide Tape - AKA Kapton

  • Wide: 10mm
  • Length: 33m
  • -269°C to +400°C
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High temperature resistant Polyimide / Kapton self-adhesive tape

Kapton is best known with 3D printers where it can be used as an attachment surface for the 3D object to be printed... but this type of ribbon is rather wide (~50mm).

This tape is more for the other usage of Kapton... hot air gun repair.
The tape protects the components around the work area, thus preventing them from being overheated and possibly blown by the hot air stream (eg: SMD resistors and capacitors surrounding the work area).

A 10mm wide Kapton tape (this product) is ideal to precisely delineating the work area (wider tapes are cumbersome to handle and/or cut at size). By cutting small sections, it will be easy to position the Kapton on the board over the components to be protected from hot air. Then you can extend the protected zone with a second section of Kapton accompanied (or not) with aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is a great material for capturing heat and then dissipating it into the air, a very interesting characteristic when there are plastic components around the work area..

Technical details

  • Polyimide / Kapton ribon
  • Wide: 10mm
  • Length: 33m
  • -269°C to +400°C

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