Mini Kit

Mini kits

The mini-kits are small components sets designed to make an assembly accordingly to the schematic (or a tutorial of our Wiki). As said by their name, the Mini-Kit, will contains all the needed component to make the assembly either on a prototyping board, either on a Perfoboard.

[T] - Relais 250v (mini kit)
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This product is being translated
Relais de puissance 250V/10A max + électronique de commande + Led
Resistors Cascade (Kit) - 10 Ohms to 1 MOhms
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Cascade Resistors kit
Best ratio tolerance / precision / price
10 Ohms to 1 MOhms (1000.0 KOHms)
Step: 10 Ohms
5 settings: 10 Ohms, 100 Ohms, 1 KOhms, 10 KOhms, 100 KOhms
1/4 W