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Technical support

Our team provides technical support and after-sales service to customers who have purchased their products from MCHobby (including Adafruits products). Technical support is available on the MCHobby forums. The forums are also the place where requests for Missing, Damaged or Defective products are handled.
Adafruit customer support forums also offers technical support for their products.

Go to the MCHobby forums, create your account (account opening are moderated) and ask your question in the appropriate section.

Here some tips that may helps you:

  • Tell us what product it is (product code), what order and when you purchased it.
  • Send a clear, detailed photo of the board (front/back) as well as the connections.
  • For software errors, please send a copy of the error message.Please use the [code] tag when posting code and/or error messages.
  • If you have a problem with an Arduino sketch or MicroPython then copy the source code (or send a link to the code).
    Again, used the [code] tag to distinguish source code from text.
  • If you complete a project following an MCHobby tutorial/wiki, please post the link to the page in question.
  • Consider creating a new topic, additional questions on old topics may go unnoticed. If you see similar threads (or the same problem), do not hesitate to send a link to them.
  • Courtesy and politeness always improves the quality of exchanges.

Forum responses can take time to process. If your message don't get response after a long while you can warn us again by sending the thread link to .

Cancel an order

Depending on the order processing status (preparation/shipping), this may no longer be possible.

Send us an email with the subject "[ORDER CANCEL] order_number" on email.
We will process the request as soon as possible.

Shoot the e-mail

Change an order

Depending on the order processing status (preparation/shipping), this may no longer be possible.

Modifying an order removes it from systematic processing, which will involve additional processing time.

Send us an email with the subject "[ORDER change] order_number" on email.
We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Shoot the e-mail

Delivery status

Package tracking can be viewed on the carrier's website. You will need your tracking number.
The tracking number is:

  1. sent by email when the order status is switched to delivery (Check your Spams)
  2. sent by Scanny via email when the goods are packed (Check your Spams)
  3. available in your customer account.

The tracking number and the carrier selected can be check into the order history (see your customer account details).

The tracking number will be available only when the order status will be set in "delivery" ;-)

Shipping number

Then navigates the order details to find the carrier and the tracking number.

Shipping Number

Notice: the final status "Delivered" (when the good are received by the customer) may be set several weeks after the real delivery date.

Does your package seem lost?

Sent us an email with the subject "[PACKAGE_LOST] order_number" on the address .

Shoot an email

Return a product

You have ordered a product that you will not use? It is possible to return it if you have not used it.

Send us a email with the subject "[RETURN] order_number" on the email. We will process your request as soon as possible.

Shoot an e-mail

Professional purchase

This specific subject is described in the "Subject to VAT" page. 

Your invoices

The invoices are available on your customer account when the order is validated and under processing.

Invoice duplica

Quote request

Certain procedures require the establishment of a quote before being able to place an order.
We will be happy to provide quote to you. We are always willing to expand the product ranges of our main suppliers.

Send us an email with the subject "[QUOTE] your_reference" on the email address. Please provide a list of desired product codes and quantities..

Shoot the e-mail

Please note that priority is given to shipping orders, procedural processing may require more time.

Time is a precious resource, please do not ask our teams to play price wars or produce convenient quotes.

Purchase order

We accept purchase orders following an agreement of our services (or quotes) in the fields of teaching and research.

To facilitate the processing of your order, we ask you to create an account on the WebShop, prepare your order and conclude it with bank transfer (therefore without immediate payment).
Specify in the order comment: the details of the purchase order and our service agreement.

In this way, you already secure the available stock and prepare your order to integrate the normal flow of treatment and  delivery process (upon receipt of the your official "purchase order").

In the event of an administrative refusal from your establishment:
Inform us and we will cancel the order to release the secured stocks.

To contact us about "purchase order":
Send us a email with the subject "[PURCHASE_ORDER] order_number/your_reference" on the email. We will handle your request as soon as possible.

Shoot the email

Damaged product

Our packages are made to ensure the physical integrity of their contents.
Any package damaged during transport must be reported to the delivery person who must notify it.
You must refuse any delivery whose box is crushed/unusually deformed or torn
The package will be returned to us and we will then contact you again.

The package is in good condition but one of the products is damaged?

Send us an email with the subject "[PRODUCT_DAMAGED] order_number - product_code" on the address.

Shoot the e-mail

Missing product

All orders are verified by scan at the time of packaging.
The order must be complete for Scanny to authorize the closing of the check session (and closing of your package).
Only after Scanny send its shipping email.

Check all the corners of the package, all the jams, all the gaping flaps and all the gaps.

If it is still missing then send us an email with the subject "[PRODUCT_MISSING] order_number - product_code" on the email.

Shoot the e-mail

Defective product

Support for possible products (or those that you have difficulty using a product) is done through the MC Hobby Forum.

MC Hobby Forum is where we provide first-line technical support and follow-up for warranties.

Meet you to:

Technical Support


Your request does not fit into one of the above cases? Truly not?
Send us an email to with the subject of your request.

Be aware that uncategorized emails may also fall into spam filters.
They will also be the last to be handled.