When starting electronic activities, you often need for some essential tools and material (iron, solder, pliers, etc). This kind of tools. This kind of material, in good quality for pricing, is not easy to find. Here is a category with all the things you need for your electronic adventures... do not hesitate to contact us if you need something special :-)

[T] - WELLER IRON SPI 16 PRO (15 Watt)
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Professional iron of HIGH QUALITY ideal to start in electronics or professional use. Planned for intensive use. Includes galvanized sheet metal support. Iron highly recommended. 
[T] - Pince Coupante
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Cutting pliers Xcelite 170M, one of the best diagonal cutting pliers in electronics, perfect cut! Max cutting diameter: 0.8mm
IRON WELLER SP15N Hobby (15 Watt)
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QUALITY hobbyist iron ideal for beginners in electronics. Intended for intensive occasional use. Included a small support rests in galvanized sheet. Interesting option for Reduced Budget.
[T] - 8 x Vis en nylon (3 x 20mm)
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8 Vis + écrou en Nylon (plastique) spécialement adaptés aux Arduino et plateformes robotiques
[T] - Pince à bec
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Une petite pince à bec pour courber, redresser, placer, extraire vos composants fils en toute simplicité