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M5Stack : watering kit + soil moisture, Grove


Grove watering kit

  • 5W Waterpump (5V)
  • Capacitive Analog Soil Moisture sensor (0-3.3v)
  • Grove connector
  • U101

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Automating your plant watering with this pump + moisture sensor

The Watering kit is based on a capacitive soil moisture (detection and adjustment) intgrating a water pump. A all in one kit. With the capacitive soil moisture sensor, the microcontoler can measure the quantity of water available for the plan Then it can start the waterpump to add some water as required.

This kit can be used to create a intelligent watering plan based and achieve various scenarios of water detecting and Irrigation control. You can also append other sensors to make your project even more smart... by measuring the air temperature, air humidity and so on.

The soil moisture use an electrode plate with capacitive design. So no metal is in contact with the plant's ground, so no electrode corrosion problem and soil pollution occuring with resistive electrode plate.

The water pump required 5W of power to work (so 1 Amp @ 5V). This current will be provided thought the Grove connector, so the host microcontroler must be capable to supply it.

This kit is great for plan cultivation, soil moisture detection, smart irrigation, STEM learning.

Technical details

  • Water pump:
    • 5V 1A (5W)
  • Capacitive Moisture sensor : 3.3V analog output
  • Weight: 78 gr
  • Size: 192.5 x 24 x 33mm


For each order, you will receive:

  • 1x Watering Unit
  • 2x suction pipe
  • 1x Grove cable



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