Extension board for Raspberry-Pi

Not HATs

Expansion board for Raspberry Pi & Pi Zero. Compatible with the Nano computer, we cannot named them HATs because such extension does not follows the HAT specification and form factor. By the way, those extensions are working properly with the Pi and are great in theur purposes.

USB-SATA converter
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Convertisseur USB-Sata
USB 2.0
30 MB/s
OSHW Certified
Romi controler board (32U4)
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Controler board for ROMI - Arduino and Raspberry-Pi compatible
Processor: 32U4 @ 16 Mhz (RAM 2 Kb, FLASH 32 Kb)
Motor driver: DRV8838 (2.5 to 10.8V, 1.8A per channel)
logic level: 5V
Arduino Bootloader
Pibrella for Raspberry-Pi
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Interface card to quickly and easily start your Python and Scratch projects. 
pHAT HUB USB 4 ports for Pi Zero, Pi Zero W
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pHAT Rasberry-Pi Zero - HUB USB
PoGo pin with connection UNDER the PiZero / W
4 Port USB 2.0
Powered either via thee Pi Zero, either the microUSB connector
Powering possible with Lipo battery
IO Expansion HAT (Gravity) for Raspberry Pi / Pi Zero
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IO Expansion HAT (Gravity) with PWM & ADC for Raspberry-Pi
10x digital input/output
4x analog input (via STM32)
4x PWM outputs (via STM32)
2x I2C bus
1x UART bus
1x SPI bus
Also known as DFR0604
GPIO expansion for Pi400
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Expansion board for Raspberry Pi 400
Double rows 2x20 for prototyping
Double rows 2x20 for ribbon / HAT
Fullly labelled