JST-SH 4 poles cable 100mm - Stemma QT, Qwiic
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JST-SH 4 poles cable 50mm - Stemma QT, Qwiic

Wiring cable 50mm

  • JST-SH 4 poles, 1mm
  • StemmaQT
  • Qwiic
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50mm JST SH 4-pins connection cable, STEMMA QT / Qwiic compatible

This cable will help you to connects together boards & sensors exposing a JST SH 4 pins connector like Adafruit Stemma QT board or Sparkfun Qwiic board. This connector is usually used to ship I2C bus (with SDA or SCL lines).

Thanks to the JST SH 4 Pins connectors (=Qwiic =STEMMA QT) available at the both ends of the 50mm cable you will be able to quicly interconnect I2C based stuff together as soon as they exposes the propre (=Qwiic =STEMMA QT).

The cable is color coded:

  • Black for GND
  • Red for V+
    • Qwiic uses 3.3V.
    • STEMMA QT uses 3 to 5V.
  • Blue for SDA
  • Yellow for  SCL
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