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PiUart - USB Console + Power for Raspberry



  • UART - convertisseur USB / Série
  • CP2104
  • Alimentation pour Pi
  • Pi Zero / Zero W / A / 2 / 3

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The ideal add-on to take control of your Pi / Pi Zero over  USB

Woaw, a new super handy add-on for Raspberry Pi, perfect for head-less setups!
The PiUART adds:

  • a MicroUSB-to-serial connection - so you can use a terminal software to connect your Pi via console.
  • It plugs in directly on the Raspberry-Pi GPIO (easy and fast connexion).
  • Two LEDs connect to RX and TX on the serial converter chip (get blinking whenever data is sent or received).
  • Power your Raspberry-Pi via the MicroUSB-to-serial connection

Adafruit also added  an on-off switch with a 4 Amp transistor on the PiUart. You can power your Pi through the microUSB port and then use the switch whenever you want to cut power (without having to unplug the cable). The PiUART is cool to use with a Low-power's Raspberry-Pi like the Pi Zero and A+, the PiUART is suitable to power and control them from a single cable connected to your computer. The Raspberry-Pi's drawing more current (like the Pi 2 and Pi 3) may draw too much power from the computer's USB port, so check if the motherboard's USB is high-current compatible.

Comes fully assembled and ready to use. Plug on the Raspberry-Pi GPIO and connect it on your computer. Your are ready to go in a minute.
Mac OS X users need to install the driver.

Works with any Raspberry Pi computer (Pi 1, 2, 3, Zero, etc)

Technical details

  • Size: 21.0mm x 20.0mm x 8.0mm
  • Weight: 2.2g



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