Interrupteur d'alimentation Marche/Arrêt por Raspberry Pi
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Interrupteur d'alimentation Marche/Arrêt por Raspberry Pi

  • Intelligent
  • ATX Type
  • Couple power supply after a shutdown
  • Hard Power-off
  • Smart start
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On/Off power switch for Raspberry-Pi

The Pi Supply Switch is quick and simple kit to assemble which offers a power management system to your beloved Raspberry-pi. It is also a great project to learn about soldering and electronics. As show on the picture, the board have standard USB connections with a microUSB feeding the board with power and USB-type A (regular USB) to get power out of the board for you Raspberry-Pi or project.

The kit also contains an USB cable. Once assembled, this kit is basicaly 'plug-and-play' with your existing power supply unit. As the resulting assembly offer a low profile (as much as possible) this switch fits in almost all of users wotkstation. The Pi Supply Switch is an essential piece of kit for all Raspberry Pi users!

How does it work?

Once you have finished using your Raspberry Pi, you just shutdown using the "sudo halt" command. A couple of minutes later, after the full shutdown and the Pi in safe state, the Switch cuts the power to the computer.

When the system is off, it is possible to switch it on by pressing the button.

There is also a hard power off button for emergency issue. This one immediately cuts the power the power on the output connector (your Pi). Only use this button when it is absolutely necessary (when the Raspberry is frozen for a long time) because hard power down may corrupt the filesystem on the SD card.

A nice feature of the Pi Supply Switch is to allows the Pi to restart with "sudo reboot" command without having the switch to cut the power. Perfect!

Technical details

  • Pi Supply Switch circuit board (PCB) v1.1
  • Through hole components
  • Flat USB cable
  • Two Pi Supply stickers
  • Comes as a kit - easy assembly with some basic soldering


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