Nano computer board

Nano Computers

Nano computer are small board able to run a Linux, real time or IoT operating systems. Nano computer became popular with the Raspberry-Pi. This category contains other nano computers like Raspberry-Pi.

Odroid N2 - 4Go RAM
ODroid N2
CPU: S992x with Quad Cores Cluster + Dual Cores
GPU: Mali-G52 6EE
Clock: 1.8 Ghz
4 Go RAM (DDR4 @ 1.32 GHz)
Large Heatsink (reduce CPU throttling)
[T] - Carte OlinuXino - Micro - AllWinner A20
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Système embarqué Linux ARM - Nano Ordinateur mono carte - 1Go Ram - Ethernet 100Mb - CORTEX-A7 Dual Core - Allwinner A20 dual
[T] - BeagleBone Black 4G - Rev C - cable USB
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Beagle Bone Black est un puissant ordinateur embarqué fonctionnant sous Linux! Il dispose d'un support Ethernet intégré et un host et client USB. Beagle Bone est fournit avec une préinstallée de Debian (sur sa mémoire Flash intégrée de 4 GB)!
Raspberry Pi 3 A+
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PURCHASE MAX 10 per person per month during the global component out of stock period - if you need more parts, contact us by EMAILThe Raspberry Pi 3 A+
Quad cores, 1.4 Ghz, 64 bits
512 Mb of RAM
WiFi 2.4 & 5 Ghz
Bluetooth 4.2
1x USB Port
GPIO 40 pins
Camera and Display port
HDMI output