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All the audio expansion for Raspberry-Pi & Pi ZERO together with the corresponding case

IQAudio DigiAMP+ - Amplified audio board for Raspberry-Pi
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IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+ is the First HAT compliant Full-HD (192/24) HiFi quality DAC & up to 2x35w Class D amplifier for the Raspberry Pi
DAC 192 KHz/24 bits playback
Full HD Sound
I2S interface
2x35W Class-D amplifier
Official Raspberry-Pi foundation product
HifiBerry DAC+ - ADC Input
Raspberry-Pi audio hat with onboard audio INPUT (ADC)
Audio output: DAC+ @ 192 kHz - Stereo
Audio input: ADC @ 192 KHz - Stereo, Pre-amplifier available, gain configurable
RCA output
Jack Input
24V power supply - 72W (3A)
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Power Supply 24V
Output voltage: 24V DC current
Power: 72W, 3 Amp
Jack plug 5.5mm, positive center