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GPIO expansion for Pi400


Expansion board for Raspberry Pi 400

  • Double rows 2x20 for prototyping
  • Double rows 2x20 for ribbon / HAT
  • Fullly labelled

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A simple but efficiant expansion board for the Pi 400. It will help in electronic prototyping and is convenient to plug HATs

A very nice tool for electronic prototyping with the Pi400.

The Pi400 is an incredible computer platform. It is a very compact computer and nice experimenting plateform, the Pi400 is a powerful computer for classroom, IT learning et can even be used to professionnal applications.

Thank to its GPIO, the Pi 400 can also drives electronic expansion board (or HATs) or used for DIY electronic experimentation... unfortunately, the GPIO location does not make it smart for plugging HAT or to experiment electronics.

To plug HATs, you can still use a GPIO expansion ribbon which is very useful.

For electronic prototyping, this board will do the trick.

The board is fitted with:

  • two GPIO interface for prototyping electronic of 2x20 pins each fully labelled to identifies each pin function.
  • a replicated GPIO pto plug a HAT on the expansion board.

Simple, efficient, affordable... What else.


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