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Récepteur SDR (Software Defined Radio) - USB - avec antenne


SDR radio receiver (Software Defined Radio):

  • USB Interface
  • RTL2832 + R820T
  • Antenna included (120mm)

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Manage software defined radio from your computer / Pi through the USB port

Did SDR sound something to you? Are you curious about it?

SDR stand for Software Defined Radio (SDR), it is an USB stick offering fun, configurable and powerful radio receiver. Based on the powerful RTL2832U chipset together with the R820T tuner, this SDR USB key can tune signals from 24MHz to 1850MHz. So your computer computer (Linux, Mac or Windows) can select the following channels:

  • FM Radio, AM signals (but not AM radio),
  • CW (morse code),
  • unencrypted radio signals (like hobby radio, fire department radio, some police radio),
  • POCSAG pagers (Post Office Code Standardisation Advisory Group),
  • and many more.

This SDR USB key have also been tested with Windows computer and the Zadig+SDR# software stack to select frequencies and listen radio signals going throught the air. A lot of joy and fun!

Adafruit Industries have a getting-started tutorial here (Adafruit, english) and many other tutorials can be found on the Net (see some link here under):


For each order, you will receive :

  • The very compact (very good quality) RTL2832+R820T USB module (having MCX RF connector)
  • A basic DVB-T antenna (used to receive DVB TV signals)
  • An IR remote (not terribly useful).

The antenna can be used for basic experimentation. For advanced user that want to use better antenna, you can use some MCX to BNC -or- MCX to SMA adapters.



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