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Buggy robot pour Pico
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Pico based Mobile robotic plateform
2 Motors
Ultrasonic sensor
Line follower device (3 sensor)
Servo connectors
Kitronik Inventor's Kit for Micro:bit
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Get more from the BBC micro:bit with this incredible Inventor's kit! The simple way to learn about creating circuits and code.
Sensor board for Micro:bit
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The environmental sensor board for Micro:bit
Ambiant light
Sensor Board de MonkMakes
Mi:power power supply board for MicroMicro:bit
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The MI:power board for the BBC micro:bit is a stylish way to power your BBC micro:bit from a 3V coin cell. A piezo buzzer is built in and a battery is included.
ZIP LED Pack for Micro:Bit
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Explore codable lighting with Micro:bit and this extension pack (NeoPixel compatible)
Breakout connector for Micro:bit
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Pre-built Edge Connector Breakout Board for the micro:bit provides access to all the important pins on the bottom edge of the micro:bit.
E-Textile kit for Micro:bit
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The E-Textiles kit for the BBC micro:bit offers a great value way to get into creating BBC micro:bit controlled E-Textiles projects and designs.