Raspberry-Pi Pico discovery kit (Pico Included)
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Raspberry-Pi Pico discovery kit (Pico Included)

Raspberry-Pi Pico Discovery Kit

  • Pico Header included
  • MicroPython ready
  • cardbox storage

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Discover Python and physical computing with this Pico Discovery Kit (Pico included)

The Kitronik Discovery Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico is a great way to discover the Pico microcontrollers, Python coding and physical computing. The kit contains the breadboard large (or two half size breadboard) and all the needed components to explore 7 experiments. The cardbox packaging is also used as a storage box.

The kit also includes the Raspberry Pi Pico with Header so you are ready to experiment out-of-the-box.

The experiments helps you in the various discovery steps from the the basics board usage to advanced external electronics. You will also discover the key concepts as what is a microcontrollers, basic setup, simple coding, Interrupts, Digital Inputs,Digital Output and Analog input.

The kit ships with an english guide booklet. The booklet covers the basic setup and then how to complete each of the 7 experiments. Each experiment contains a circuit diagrams, explanations, and how to complete code. You can start your discovery without having to understand lot of Python.

The kit is programmed using MicroPython. MicroPython is a full Python 3 implementation created for small systems like microcontrolers and low ressources computer, such as the Pico and the popular BBC micro:bit.

Thonny editor is a user-friendly multi-plateform environment (Windows, Mac, Linux) used to create Python script, manage files on your computer as well as on MicroPython microcontroler. Thanks to Thonny, you can create code, saved directly to the Pico from the editor via USB. Thonny is a Python Editor/IDE designed to allow beginners to get up and running with Python coding with as little fuss as possible.

As the Pico can be powered via its microUSB port, no need for an external power pack and batteries.
Plug it on your computer, start Thonny and you are ready to begin.

About Raspberry-Pi Pico

The Pico board is a low cost, high-performance microcontroler created by the Raspberry-Pi foundation. Under the hood of the RP2040 microcontroler chip we have an ARM-based dual-core chip. The pico also features 264KB of internal RAM and support for external Flash chip (used for storage and firmware). The Pico does fit a 2 Mio of Flash but can accept up to 16 Mio Flash chipset. As any microcontroler, the Pico also offers flexible I/O options including I2C, SPI buses. The Programmable I/O (PIO) is so versatile that it can be used to create any kind of device interface. This is a small, affordable and powerful board suited for any-kind of application.


For each order, you wil receive:

  • component kit
  • Raspberry-Pi Pico Header (MicroPython ready).
  • Cardbox storage

PLease note that plastic box is not more available due to ecologic concerns.

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