Motor control shield for Pico - DC motors, steppers, servo-motors
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Motor control shield for Pico - DC motors, steppers, servo-motors

Motors control board for Raspberry-Pi Pico

  • 4 DC motor
  • 2 stepper motor
  • 8 servo-motors
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Compact Robotic Board to drive motors with the Raspberry-Pi Pico

This compact board allows you to plug your Raspberry-Pi Pico with header to drive up to 4 motor (or 2 stepper motor) as well as 8 servo-motor.

At the heart of this board we do find a 2x dual-HBridge motor driver. Each H-Bridge can driver 2 DC motor (both way) or 1 stepper motor. The dual H-Bridges chips and 8 servo-motors are controled via a 16 channel PWM driver.

The board do breakout the unused Pico pins and unused PWM driver pins (the 8 availables for the servo-motor). This makes 27 I/O still available for you project as well as power and ground connection.

Powering the motor is made either via the terminal block or servo style connector. The board fits a ON/OFF power switch (+LED) so you do know if the board is powered or not. The motor board generates a 3.3V power supply to power up the Pico (via the 3V and GND pico pins). Thank to the 3.3V regulator you do not need a separate power to power-up the Pico. As the 3.3V is also broken out, you can also use it to power your project sensors.

This product requires a Raspberry-Pi Pico to work.


  • A compact feature-packed
  • can drive 4 motors or 2 stepper motors (full forward, reverse, and stop control)
  • Can control 8 additionnals servos
  • Board with 27 I/O connector
  • Power and Ground connections
  • Screw terminal for motors
  • I2C communication lines (requires only 2 lines to control them all).
  • On/off switch + power status LED.
  • Can be powered: via terminal block or servo style connector.
  • On board 3.3V regulator.
  • Code it with MicroPython via an editor such as the Thonny editor.
  • Datasheet (pdf)

In video

see the board working in video is always better. 
Check this YouTube Video for more information.


For each order, you will receive the motor board. Pico and motors are not included but you can easily find pico or find motors on our shop.


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