M5Stack (ESP)

M5Core & StickV (M5Stick) from M5Stack are products from a complete ecosystem based on ESP32. It offers a prototyping product and a hardware based solution. With M5Stack you have an IoT plateform with a exceptional finish while it is still affordable for the DIY makers. As M5Stack is based on ESP32 then the development can be conducted with Arduino IDE, MicroPython or UIFlow (code block like from M5Stack). 

At MCHobby, we did also selected the M5Stack because of its MicroPython support (we are MicroPython addicted).

M5StickC Plus - ESP32 - PICO IoT dev.
In Stock
M5StickC Plus IoT dev. plateforme
WiFi, Bluetooth
LCD 1.44"
135x240 pixels
Lipo 120mAh
IMU, IR, Microphone
Buttons, LED
MicroPython, Arduino, UIFlow
M5Stack : Input / Output units kit, Grove
In Stock
M5Stack Input/Output kit
7 differents units (Ext.IO, proto, Relay, VH3.96, RS485, DAC, ADC)
Grove Connector
Lego Technics compatible (mechanical)
Known as U051 kit (U011, U012, U013, U020, U022, U023, U034)
M5Stack : Environment units kit, Grove
In Stock
M5Stack Environmental sensor kit
8 sensor units (Earth, Light, IR, ENV, PIR, Angle, RGB, HUB)
Grove Connector
Lego Technics compatible (mechanical)
Known as U050 kit (U019,U005,U021,U003,U002,U001,U004,U006)
M5Stack : PIR sensor, Grove
In Stock
A mini Grove module to add PIR motion sensor your project
PIR sensor AS312
GROVE connector
Lego Compatible (mechanically)
U004 module
M5Stack : mini GPS/BDS (AT6558), Grove
In Stock
A mini GPS Grove module
Based on AT6558 chipset
UART output
GROVE connector (blue)
Lego Compatible (mechanically)
U032 module
M5Stack : 3A mini relay, Grove
In Stock
Mini relay module
3A max @ 30V DC
digital Interface
GROVE connector
Lego Compatible (mechanically)
U023 module
M5Stack : DDS signal generator (STM32F0 + AD9833), Grove
In Stock
Numeric signal generator / DDS
Wave: sine, triangle, square, sawtooth
Output: 0 to 0.6V
Freq: 0 to 1 MHz
Freq resolution: 28 bits
Phase resolution: 11 bits
Interface: I2C (0x31, via STM32F031G4x)
Buffered output via OpAmp