M5Stack : AmpMeter – +/-4Amp current measure (ADS1115), Grove
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M5Stack : AmpMeter – ~4Amp current measure (ADS1115), Grove

Grove module to measure current

  • +/- 4 amps
  • DC/DC isolation (1000 Vrms)
  • Resolution 16 bits (0.15 mA)
  • Interface I2C 3.3V compatible
  • ADS1115 (0x48)
  • EEPROM (0x51)
  • Grove connector (5V power)
  • U086
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Measure current with accuracy with an I2C capable Amp Meter

The Ameter Unit is current meter used to monitor real time current. Thanks to the 16-bit ADS1115 analog-to-digital converter, this Ameter can communicate with the host I2C protocol (@ 0x48 address unless manually modified).

The module also includes a built-in DC-DC isolated power supply which ensure measurement accuracy.
The I2C interface is also electrically isolated through the low-power isolator module CA-IS3020S, this prevents noise and surges on the data bus. It also isolates internal ground from the measured circuit, this will prevent the external circuit to introduce noise on the ground which may damage sensitive circuit or returns erroneous reading.

Each Unit is factory calibrated with calibration data stored into the EEPROM. The initial accuracy is 0.1%FS, ±1 count and resolution of 0.3mA.

The unit has a maximum measurement current of ±4A and is protected with a 4A internal fuse preventing the current from burning out the circuit when it is too high.

The EEPROM (0x51) has built-in calibration parameters when leaving the factory. Please do not write to the EEPROM, otherwise the calibration data will be overwritten and the measurement results will be inaccurate.

This module can be used to creates galvano-meter, electricity monitoring, power management monitoring.

3.3V compatibility

This unit must be powered with 5V to ensure a correct operation. The SDA/SCL signal on the I2C bus are uses 3.3V logic. As a consequence, this module can be used with 3.3V microcontroler as ESP32, Pico, Pyboard, M5Stack core, Raspberry.

Technical details

  • ~4A range
  • 16-bit ADC conversion
  • Inital Accurancy 0.1%FS, ±1 count
  • Resolution 0.3mA
  • LED power indicator
  • 4A Slow-blow Fuse
  • Factory calibration (Cal data saved in on-board EEPROM)
  • Built-in I2C isolator CA-IS3020S
  • Isolated DC-DC
  • Development platform: Arduino, UIFlow (under development)
  • 2x LEGO compatible holes


for each order, you will receive

  • 1x AMmeter unit
  • 1x Grove cable (20cm)


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