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M5Stack : potentiometer, Grove


A mini angle/potentiometer Grove module

  • 10K Ohms potentiometer
  • Analog output
  • GROVE connector
  • Lego Compatible (mechanically)
  • U005 module

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A grove potentiometer unit quickly wired on your M5Stack project

This unit contains a 10 KOhms rotary pot. and can be used to give a reference voltage for volume controle, brightness or speed.

The potentiometer is a variable resistor which outputs a voltage between 0 and VCC depending on the position of the potentiometer.

The output voltage is captured by an analog input on the ESP32 (on port B) and converted the voltage to a numerical value with the Analog-to-Digital converter on the ESP32.

The unit interface is black to indicates that's a Grove B interface (ADC, DAC, GPIO).

Technical details

  • Output voltage range: 0 to 2.5V


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